Want to increase your sales conversions, every time a customer sees your ad? PPC is your answer. The new face of business advertising, and Fez Web Marketing is here to manage it and deliver the results your business needs.

Let’s start to grow your FACEBOOK advertising presence and ROI with our 3 Key-Step Strategy;


We research and understand your products and/services then we build a customer persona around these products/services focusing on your customer’s needs, interests and query’s and Demographic. We then design and compile high converting Facebook ads in several varying High-ROI design-theme-write strategy.

Launch and Test

We develop progressive campaigns from initial awareness to lead generation right through to the Hit Sales Pitch Campaign. We test a variety of approaches and monitor ‘the Bounce’ rate between design/launch campaign vs performance/success. We zero on the knockout Campaign for your business! We reel in your audience and target your customers and deliver them to your checkout!


Once established we refine the winner campaign that is ‘revving-on-high’ ROI (Return on Investment) drive. We zoom in and refine this campaigning further injecting spending to ‘fuel’ increase in revenue for your business!

Why Us for
Facebook Ads?


We too are a Blue Mountains Business! We understand the challenges, the demographics, the Dynamics, and the forces involved in running a business in this environment. So, when we say we know and understand the challenges of your business, unlike competitors whom claim to, we don’t claim to, we do!


We have an e-digital machine-team of Strategy planners, designers, content writers, web developers and Facebook savvy business personal ‘Drivers’ in the know, an e-digital machine-team ready and revved to take your ROI to a new High!


We administer transparency of account workings and communications with you. You will know where your every Dollar is every step of the way


Refine-Improve-Strategy. We use analytics and measuring systems throughout the process of campaigning for your business in every step from inception to Sale.


‘Bird’s-eye-view’-The broad optimisation process. We map the entire campaign process and monitor the campaign from every angle- giving you unmatched value for campaign dollar.


We Deliver Results not promises!

Here is results for one of our clients…;

Don’t believe us?

Our social media is constantly changing and the web environment in flux. You need someone in the know for the latest change and equally with matched intuitive-responsive-solid tweaks. We react with strategy and drive to deliver finely tuned responsive campaigning to maximise results in your favour!
In a ‘nut-shell’ of high-strung energy
potential SEO Package!
  • A Custom-Tailored Strategy for your business digital marketing on Facebook Ads
  • Campaign targeting for your audience and search and seek your customers
  • Monitor and measure entire funnelling process with continues responsive optimisation
Reach more people

Your goal

Attract the Right Audience

Role of Facebook ads:

We use cold traffic to introduce your brand to your target market, give them value, build trust, and to establish yourself as an authority.

Targeting example:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Interest based
  • Look-a-like audiences

Reach offer example:

  • Blog posts
  • Social updates
  • Content videos
  • Podcasts
  • Lead magnets
  • Quizzes / Surveyy
Drive more leads

Your goal

Turn Prospect into Leads.

Role of Facebook ads:

Now the customer knows you and is their evaluation phase. We’re looking to generate leads and make low dollar into offer.

Targeting example:

  • Pixelled website visitors
  • People who liked you FB Page
  • Email list matches

Reach offer example:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Quiz
  • Free or paid webinar
  • Flash sales (low dollar offer)
  • Product demos
  • Branding videos
  • Book (Free or paid)
  • Strategy call / Consultation
Make more sales

Your goal

Convert to a Customer.

Role of Facebook ads:

Now the traffic is hot and we’re getting someone to buy, or getting them to buy something else (core offer or higher dollar offer).

Targeting example:

  • Pixelled website visitors
  • Email list matches

Reach offer example:

  • Products
  • Events
  • Paid Webinar
  • High Dollar Offers
  • Done for you services

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