Pay Per Click (PPC)
Advertising for your business!

Let’s make your PPC ad be your next ‘Cash Register’!


Want to increase your sales conversions, every time a customer sees your ad? PPC is your answer, the new face of business advertising, and Fez Web Marketing is here to manage it and deliver the results your business needs.

Pay Per Click is a profitable advertising venture for your business when carried out by an Agency that understands how to carry it out. An Agency that knows how to manage and administer this exciting form of ad management and campaigning to increase your results to higher quantity engagement in clicks, to higher quality of enquiry in Leads and customer conversions. We deliver this to you through our ‘optimised custom-made and tailored funnelling program specifically for your business’. At Fez Web Marketing we understand the how to details and we are here to take your business advertising to explosive results.

Here are several factors and influences that have affected PPC structure, activity and costs. These include; 1/ the recent Google rebranding from AdWords to Google Ads in particular its characteristics, features, tools and options, 2/Growth in the competitors, Amazon, Bing Ads, and Linkedln, 3/ Increase in PPC costs, 4/ rise in Artificial Intelligence, 5/ The rising cost of PPC Ads. These big changes in the PPC landscape calls for rigorous planning, management and reporting cycles of your PPC ads so that they do not disappear in the dust of all these updates!

Google statistics show that 65% of all clicks started with buying keywords, whom intend to purchase go to paid ads (bluecorona). That businesses make on average an ROI of $2 income for every $1 spent on AdWords (Google)and the fact that ‘….thousands of businesses have found that its time and money well spent, because Google Ads delivers measurable ROI’ (Google), and so much more exciting and interesting statistics point to 3 very important considerations for you to consider regarding your business growth and taking advantage of PPC advertising.

1 /

The statistics clearly show, that without a question of a doubt the internet portal and Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the Gate-way to excel the ROI for your business’s advertising and customer conversion expenditure and campaigning.


With the everchanging business web environment affecting advertising on Websites and platforms you need a professional PPC provider to plan, manage, administer and optimise your pay-per-click ads avoiding the many that do not and incur overheads and further expenses.


Further Google statistics also showing that it is fact not guess-work that deploying Pay-Per-Click ads is the new powerhouse in business advertising and that you ought to take opportunity to increase your business outreach, potential and performance.

Fez Web Marketing
on your team

and employ our explosive advertising customised strategies and techniques for your business, to take hold of the full potential of PPC Ads resulting in explosive growth!

We believe in delivering a Value-per-Click management monitoring and administering program. Our aim is to give you at the end of the day a high ROI (Return on Investment) per click-cost.

We will take the ‘worries’ out of PPC ad services for your business, knowing that your ads are being managed, monitored, updated, optimised, retargeted and tracked efficiently and effectively. Presenting to your audience enticing, value and visually impactive ad campaigns that will have them click away and effortlessly proceed through to sales.

Our Pay-Per-Click services
in 3 Steps

step 1

Create your Plan of attack

We design a PPC campaign for your business around several researched parameters. Whom is your target customer? Which platform/s are they engaging? What are they’re needs and requirements? What are their patterns and nature of enquiry? Mostly, from observing their enquiry, what factors contribute to their decision making.

step 2

Inject 24/7 killer Management

We launch the ad created and we closely monitor its performance, analysing the data and adjusting for optimum results. The aim essentially to reduce the cost-per-click and increase your sales, in your favour.

step 3

On the money Reporting

We assemble and examine all the crucial data from AdWords and or other platforms including all activities specific to your ad, then compile and issue a report to you. We don’t stop there. We take this data then go back to Step-1 and Step-2 to identify any patterns popping up that may show clue to further optimisation of your ROI! Therefore, it is not a linear process but a growing High ROI Energy Power-Generator!

Here’s what you get! Power geared ROI up to $2 dollars made for $1 dollar spent for your business in Management and campaigning across following sites and platforms

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Display Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Shopping Ads

So, what are you waiting for! Click the button below and lets get your Cash Registers busy!