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SEO-‘Story’ Engine Optimization

Your business is a story

Your story is an important part of the SEO process and key for your business, in order to build a rapport, commitment, and trust from your customers. But before all this, you need to bring them into your story that they relate to it in some way. You appeal to their humanity, their needs, and desires. This aspect of SEO cannot be measured numerically, its value is far more impactive on the ‘humane’ connective optimization’ factor. Search Engine Optimisation I believe, as the algorithms of the search engines develop in further complexity their interaction with web content for classifying, categorizing and ranking, Search Engines will be probably be looking for the content with an articulate narrative, in respect of its natural structure and unique expression.


As information is becoming a ‘commodity’ and standardized in the modern digital world of information overload, Originality, authenticity, and expression become our last frontier in foretelling this attribute of ourselves. These qualities of our humanity will always be the way we connect with each other! So find those moments, where you find yourself that ‘I feel good about what I am doing here and I want to share it with others.’ And begin to write your thoughts. And when you do you inspire your audience and your potential customers, you give them something that they can relate to in your message. It is then that you have gained your customer’s trust and commitment to your product /services. And upon delivery of that product or service you follow up with kindness and thankfulness giving gratitude to your customer, you then win their loyalty.



The more you express your story in your own words, the more likely your audience will be naturally attracted to your content.

A good example is an advertising plugin where, although your mouse cursor is on ‘next’, you find yourself ‘not’ hitting the button. Whether it be a brief written introduction on the first page of a website or in most cases a video on Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, the narrative usually moves from hardship to financial success and the freedoms that go with it for the individual and his/her relations.


Transitioning from the storytelling mode the presenter then seamlessly introduces the ‘plugin’ for their campaign, along with some lines of ‘Why I am sharing this? Because I believe you too deserve such rewards. Just register for my course and through focus and initial workings you too can achieve results’. We know it’s enticing and Entrepreneurship skills of selling, appealing to our emotions and humanity in the first instance in the storyline before discussing business. If done well it works and for some, it at times exceeds their expectations. A sympathetic, emotional style Sales strategy that one feels as I do, in most cases, to hear what the individual has to say. Knowing at any moment I can hit the next button, sometimes I do not. Why? I am simply captured by the good story and want to know the ending.



But step outside of the ‘playing field’ where this ‘presenter-(media form)-viewer’ dialogue is being played out, you will find that at the foundation of this campaigning is a human story. And putting aside the business end of the sales objective, essentially the presenter is putting together a ‘subtle’ argument that you too can re-write your story!

In summary, ‘tell it as it is’, be authentic and write it in your own words and let it be articulate, interesting and relevant to your objective. A good story ticks all the following;


  • A Story is human connecting with human

  • Your story needs to genuine, delivering your key message in an effective and convincing manner to drive your business ideas with your audience


  • Your story needs to be relevant to your sales campaign


  • People listen to life and business stories their curiosity to learn and or getting ideas


  • Your story is the real power energy behind your business campaign


  • Your stories objective is to form a connection with your audience and customers where your campaign is embedded

    into the story


  • Your story is the foundation of your business’s history and imagery for your

    customer to build in their mind a quality impression of you.

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