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Let’s ‘Google’ Your Business Rank Up to the Top with our Power-House SEO!

Want to see your Organic Search visits to your Business Website soar? Creating a big funnel of audience and greater leads and more customers!

We begin with Foundations and we base our SEO on the following;

  • 1. Comprehensive Audit
  • 2. Focused Strategy Building
  • 3. Growing your Business
  • 4. Personal Customised Service

The 3 Key-Steps to great Results;


We analyse your Website design, structure, and content. We research powerful Keywords, blogging material and back-linkages to build a strategy custom-made for your business’s optimum potential and results.

ENGINE Strategy build

We rebuild your site’s design, structure and content technical issues to re-aligned workings with Google SEO update requirements in effective SEO deliverance. We research similar markets and find what is working across platforms and adapt appropriately to connect your site with the right communication channels to wider audience and Web presence.


Here is where we strengthen the connections between your Business Website and the wider associated and potential network. We do this with high quality and Value based original Blogging, content writing and relevant strong backlinks.

Why Us for SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation?


We understand what Blue Mountains Business’s! We understand the challenges, the demographics, the Dynamics, and the forces involved in running a business in this environment. With this foundation, we have a thorough SEO Services Strategy approach that is powerfully relevant to capturing your audience and customers!


We have an SEO-team of strategists, planners, designers, content writers, web developers in the know. We don’t miss a detail. We have SEO competitors will envy!


Clean Transparent Organic White-Hat SEO techniques. All Google compliant and authentic designed techniques.


We use analytics and measuring systems throughout the process of campaigning for your business in every step from a site visit to.


We Deliver Results not promises!


We Deliver Results not promises!

The SEO Services options include;
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Social Media Content
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Analytics

Don’t believe us?

Here is results for one of our clients…;
Google is churning out Algorithm changes and improvements to their workings and the game is to monitor, understand and respond to these changes through hard-core focus drive and strategy techniques and deployment to stay on top of the game so that the SEO services we deliver to you is up-to-date, comprehensive and on-the-ball!
In a ‘nut-shell’ of high-strung energy potential SEO Package!
  • We give you unmatched personal Service
  • We Audit
  • We Assess
  • We set objectives
  • We provide technical improvements
  • High original brand Content
  • Backlink building campaigns
  • Monthly reports
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • We are about Results
Reach more people

Your goal

Attract the Right Audience

Role of SEO:

These are customers that are unaware of the product or unaware there is need for the product. These customers require education & awareness.

keyword example:

  • What is the best XXXXX
  • How to solve XXXXXX problem
  • Products for XXXXX
  • What is my XXXXX
  • How does XXXX work
Drive more leads

Your goal

Turn Prospect into Leads.

Role of SEO:

These customers are aware of the problem / need. They also may be somewhat aware of the solution / product but want to learn more about it. They’re shopping around for information.

keyword example:

  • XXXXX + reviews
  • XXXXX + comparisosns
  • XXXXX + case studies
  • Brand + review
Make more sales

Your goal

Convert to a Customer.

Role of SEO:

This audience knows what they want and are at the purchase stage. Thay may be stuck in the cart or may require a demo or trial for evaluation.

keyword example:

  • XXXXX + discount
  • XXXXX + coupon
  • XXXXX + promo code
  • XXXXX + best price
  • XXXXX + quote
  • XXXXX + proposal
  • XXXXX + where to buy
  • XXXXX + geo terms
  • Branded search terms

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