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At UEX Group, the environment is extremely important to us. We always adhere to best practice when it comes to our people and the environment.

The Environment


With all projects, our team are all fully aware of their responsibilities in adhering to the latest standards on ways to minimise the impact on the environment. Througout our projects we are constantly looking at ways to best manage and preserve the native flora and fauna.


This helps to ensure we meet our compliance and best practice commitments in regards to the environment.


We also encourage and support actions to assist our clients to how best manage their impact on the environment, and on how to not only save energy, but save on their ongoing costs as well.

Our People


The importance of the health and safety of our people and our clients is paramount to UEX Group. We are continuously looking at ways to create a safer workplace environment for our staff and the people they are working for. All employees and sub-contractors are responsible to meet all industry compliance and standards, and the standards set by UEX Group.


We provide support and training to enable our people to maintain a safe working environment at all times, and offer advice to our clients’ on ways to safely manage any systems going forward.

UEX Group and sustainability

UEX Group is committed to a sustainable future for its clients, employees and the environment. We adhere to all safety and environmental guidelines and operate under safe work practices at all times.

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