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SEO Gold!

CONTENT-Hits is SEO GOLD for your Online Business!

At SEO marketing Sydney, there is Content and then there is, what we like to term as, Content-Hits’! Content-hits is individual quality content that delivers the punchline that captures Search Engine’s undivided full attention, whilst simultaneously being interesting to read. As Website Developers in Sydney, we believe in being creative and authentic, qualities which are paramount in your writings. Of course, these following Content-characteristics are mentioned on other sites and forums and are not unique in themselves, being utilized here purely for illustration. Content writing for digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization has a certain industry jargon and common terms and expressions.  the KEY message of this Blog is this;


Be creative and authentic, individually expressive and articulate. At times bold and others sensitive in the subject discussed. The communicative industry jargon should be used sparingly as a tool only by which you create Unique relevant Quality Content.’



You and I are attracted to information content that can enrich and benefit us in some way. It becomes like that good book that you just can’t put down and when you have finished it, you just want to read it again.  Similarly, Google and other Search Engines are attracted, at one level, to content which mirrors the efficiency, constructs, and nature of inquiry of their powerful algorithms. The level at which they shall find such content appealing enough for their considerations is content that has originality and quality of substance, authentic in its delivery and beneficial to the wider online community.


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Therefore, whether you are the Entrepreneur, the Content writer or be it that you are the Copywriter, Blogger or Publicist of the particular marketing campaign, you ought to apply a general set of humane parameters of thought and action. These parameters can empower your message to your audience and ultimately capture the attention of your key demographic and specifically your next quality prospect.

Here are but just a number of ways in which your content writing can emulate the next ‘organic delicious meal’ for the guest Search Engines enjoying your site visit!



a/ Let it be RICH-


The material presented is knowledgeable and interesting.‘eg. Our Digital Marketing Services are comprehensive with prompt delivery’ ☹ vs Our Digital Marketing Services encompass a total comprehensive package of delivery including-; thorough Search Engine Optimization, Quality Content Blogging, Interactive Social Media presence, monitoring Metrics and Analytics relevant to your campaign, and impactive Facebook Advertising. The integrations, linkages, and workings of these various key Elements ensure maximizing the potentials of Digital marketing for your business growth.’😊


b/ Must be ACCURATE-


The more accurate, detailed and descriptive your content is the more comfortable your audience readers will feel and trusting the material and are therefore more likely to refer the site or reference in future.‘eg- ‘SEO allows websites to be more accessible’☹ vs ‘Search Engine Optimization is the art and technique by which one applies certain and specific workings, alterations and content to improve a website’s visibility to Search Engines .’ 😊


c/ Needs to be CREATIVE-


Discussing the particulars of subject matter thoroughly and accurately is important but adding your individual creative thoughts of expression will enrich the document that the reader shall find refreshing to read and feel as though they have just enjoyed well-made cappuccino coffee. ‘eg- ‘A Blog can be defined as a diary or journal that is updated to a prescribed regularity’☹ vs ‘A Blog is your story of thoughts or reflections in the moment of writing, be it specific or general, reflective or prescriptive, it is painted with a color tone and a curiously individual twist of expression.’ 😊


d/ Enjoyably ILLUSTRATIVE-


Supporting visuals to reinforce your message are very powerful tools and a  known technique, although a brief and good content writing can be very potent in its narrative to the imagination of the reader.  ‘eg- ‘Search Engines deploy ‘spiders’ to search and analyze content for indexing.’☹ vs ‘Search Engines powerful complex algorithms deploy techniques akin to a spider crawling its web searching and analyzing a website for deliciously enriching content, food for its indexation process .’ 😊


e/ Attractively ENGAGING-


Your Content should be revised or refreshed weekly with new solid and informative Content. This will give your site an engaging dimensionality that will attract new visitations and ensure return site visits. This aspect is known but adds to this something new of your own ideas or thoughts that may contribute towards discussion and possibly initiate a forum style or commentary feedback banner and your content is ensured to be engaging. ‘eg- ‘We would like to propose the following digital marketing campaign for your online business.’☹ vs ‘ We are excited to propose the following absolutely unique and custom made Digital Marketing Campaign, tailored and fine-tuned for your business.’ 😊


Ultimately, if your Blog Content displays quality and efficient expression with rich, accurate and relevant information that is engaging and supported by catching visual plus wonderful narrative then Search Engines will be attracted to your material-site and guests and customers are more likely to return and continue to visit your site, having raised their curiosity and interest. It moves from being simply content to becoming ‘Content Hits’ as it has hit its target objective, being entertaining its audience and passing the Search Engine’s inquisitiveness. And most of all, that you have enriched the reader in a way likened to the feeling of resting for tea after a good walk with friends in the Sun or after a good visit to the gym.

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